Summer Produce at Almadina Market

Since 2003, Almadina Market has been offering quality Halal Mediterranean grocery products to the residents of Raleigh and beyond. These include fresh Balady or ethnic Middle Eastern produce that is hugely popular in the Middle East, East Africa, North Africa, Central Asia and beyond. These balady fruit and vegetables can be consumed raw or added in popular different dishes and salads. Some of the popular summer balady produce include:

Sour Grape (Hosrom)
White Peach (Doughnut Peach)
Persian Small Cucumbers (Balady)
Fresh Mint
Green Sour Plum
Small Balady Zucchini
Italian Eggplant
Indian Eggplant
Rejleh/ Bekleh / Purslane
Red and Green Cactus Fruit
Green Almonds

And much more!

Did you know, you can find recipes for Middle Eastern/Mediterranean cuisine from Purchase produce and rest of the ingredients from Almadina to prepare a delicious meal. Stop by today!