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Almadina is proud to have served thousands of customers in the Triangle area and beyond, since we launched our grocery store in Raleigh in 2003. This can be gauged by many positive reviews of Almadina Supermarket on Google, Yelp, Facebook, and others sites. Do review us if you have been to Almadina!

Reviews of Almadina Supermarket on online review sites:

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Hamza reviewed us on Google – “I highly recommend coming to the store. They had a good customer service and the store was clean. They had a variety of products in the store including different cultures products. I was surprised to find some Ethiopian teff and some Iranian products. Their prices were low comparing to their other competitors in the area. I highly recommend you to make a visit to this store!”

Jennifer reviewed Almadina on our Facebook page – “We’ve been looking for an authentic Arabic grocer since moving from CT early last year and by chance we stopped at Almadina and OH MY GOD YES! This place is beyond amazing, the selection is top notch, the staff are suoer helpful and we will be certain to take the 45 minute trek for more”.

Karthik Chowdary reviewed us on Google – “Excellent store to purchase fresh meat. If you want chicken chopped in native style. They do the best near NC state campus.”

Zainab reviewed us on Yelp – “I agree with Jane below that this place is definitely A DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH!

It’s difficult finding the variety of Middle Eastern groceries that are available here anywhere else in the Triangle! Case in point: went to 5 different stores looking for a specific kind of dates. Most places only had 1-2 types, but there was a large shelf here with 10+ types to pick from!

I was impressed by all the spices and quick mixes they had of common dishes like falafel. They also have a bakery with fresh bread including fresh date bread which I haven’t had outside of the Middle East! So delicious.

They also carry fresh meat, and have lots of frozen meals including Turkish flatbreads. This is also the only place around I think that will have a variety of frozen knafeh/kunefe to pick from – which if you haven’t had yet, you’re missing out. Best dessert ever.”

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