Middle Eastern, North African, Pakistani, Indian Teas and Coffees in Raleigh

Did you know, AlMadina offers teas and coffee brands that are popular in the Middle East, North African, South Asia (India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and neighboring countries), and beyond. Enjoy tea or coffee with cookies and confections available at Almadina!

Some of the tea and coffee brands offered by Almadina include:
Ahmad Tea USA
Brooke Bond Red Label
Alwarah Tea
Tetley Tea
Mahmood Tea
Cafe Najjar
Alameed Coffee
Haseeb Tea
AlGhazaleen Tea
Mumtaz Tea,
and more!

Almadina Supermarket is proud to serve the Triangle area since 2003. We are a family-owned and operated Middle Eastern and Mediterranean Grocery store in Raleigh, North Carolina.

We are open 7 days/week from 9am-10pm. For questions, please call us at 919-755-6220 or email us at Follow us on Facebook and Instagram, and visit us on