Buy Popular Italian brand Loacker Wafers Cookies at Almadina Supermarket in Raleigh, NC

Did you know, Almadina Supermarket carries cookies and wafers by the famous Italian brand – Loacker?

Gardena Chocolate – Five crispy wafers covered in milk chocolate, with 100% NON GMO Alpine milk.

Gardena Hazelnut – Crispy wafers covered in dark milk chocolate refined with fine flavor cocoa from Ecuador and filled with hazelnut cream make this very creamy composition a true masterpiece.

Loacker Vanilla – Four layers of delicate vanilla cream filling are held by five crispy wafers.

Tortina (Original, Dark, White) – delicious milk chocolate refined with fine flavor cocoa from Ecuador.

Quadratini – Quadratini captures the quintessence of Loacker’s passion for goodness in a single bite. Just taste one and you’ll find 5 thin, crispy wafers and 4 layers of delicious cream all in just a few inches

Patisserie – three layers of crisp wafer, two of soft cream filling and an elegant chocolate covering.

And much more! 

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