East European Food Products at Almadina Supermarket

Did you know, Almadina Supermarket in Raleigh, North Carolina, carries hard-to-find international food products? We are excited to carry many East European Food Products at our Raleigh North Carolina-based Almadina Supermarket. For example, these include Romanian and Moldovan food products that are also hugely popular in the Middle East. These include pickles and preserves, jams, pastries, cookies, and more!

The international population has increased in the Triangle area of North Carolina over the years. Consequently, there has there been an increase in East European and other international food products in Raleigh North Carolina and other cities. Stop by Almadina Supermarket to shop for tasty Romanian food products by the popular brand – Raureni! These include Romanian Pickles (in vinegar or brine), Zacusca Vegetable Spreads (made primarily with roasted Eggplants and Red Peppers), Quince Jam, and much more! 

We carry many dessert/bakery products from the Moldova-based famous brand – Franzeluta. These include Kosher Gingerbread Cookies (Plum, Halva, and other flavors), Waffle cookies and pastries (Vanilla, Halva, and Milk Cream flavors), and more!

Browse through halal meats, fresh produce, spices and spice mixes, hummus/tahini/labneh products, frozen foods, nuts/seeds/dried fruit, teas and coffees, and much more at Almadina Supermarket! Almadina Supermarket is open 365 days a year, from 9 am to 10 pm. Our meat shop is open from 10 am to 8 pm every day. We offer seasonal and holiday specials. Almadina Supermarket also has a South Asian takeout restaurant called Almadina Biryani Hut located within our grocery store. We hope you visit us soon!