Almadina Market Reviewed by RDU Gems

Almadina Market

Triangle area of North Carolina is home to many amazing food bloggers, and one of the best bloggers is RDU Gems! They have a dedicated following from amazing fans in the Triangle area and beyond. We were excited to host RDU Gems at Almadina Market in Augsut 2022! Check out their amazing blog below:

🍯 What do charcuterie lovers, world travelers, and flavor catchers all have in common? They love this hidden gem of an international grocery store – @almadinasupermarket Almadina Market carries Mediterranean, Central Asian, East European, South Asian, and other imported products. Think specialty baklava, fresh breads, organic fruits, raw honeycomb, and soooo many spices! 90% of their goods are imported and trust me – you can’t find them in the teeter.
🤤 It is not a huge grocery store, and everything seems like a delicacy. I can’t tel you The amount of times I headed to cookout on Western Boulevard during my time on staff at State and I didn’t even know that this hidden gem was right behind it. Learn from my mistake. You can also grab Biryani boxes and delish mango smoothies with both meat and vegetarian options to grab to go.
🥩 They are the oldest halal meat shot in Raleigh and they have a special Biryani recipe from Hyderabad India and people travel from many towns to Almadina to purchase this Biryani.
🍯 we walked out with a box of baklava, raw honeycomb and a bread base for my next charcuterie board, their fresh mango smoothies, and 2 biryani boxes to go
💥 do not sleep on these specialty items they’re carrying!

Almadina Market
Almadina Market