Almadina Market Wishes you Eid-al Fitr Mubarak!

Almadina wishes you Eid-al Fitr Mubarak! We wish you a wonderful celebration with family and friends. Since 2003, Almadina Market has been serving the residents of the Triangle area of North Carolina and beyond as our family. We are excited to offer desserts and grocery products popular during Eid celebration.

We offer an exclusive collection of Middle Eastern sweets and desserts at Almadina Market. These include Ma’moul Cookies, Luxury Chocolate and all kinds of Nougat Sweets. We also have an extensive selection of Baklava Desserts, fresh from Palestine and Jordan. Some of the brands include Nafisah Sweets, Zalatimo Sweets, Habibah Sweets, Shatila Bakery Products, and more. 

All Eid hospitality in one place, visit us to learn about the complete Eid collection!

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